We believe that the beauty of your brand should live inches away from your customers. SideSkirt Ads is an innovative platform for reaching consumers and provides unmatched brand exposure outdoors.

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Increase Brand Awareness


Displayed at eye level and within inches of people in cars, these 50+ square foot ads are unavoidable to millions on the road


Our trailers are capable of spreading your message locally, regionally, and nationwide


Side skirts are aerodynamic panels that reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption, serving as an environmentally friendly platform


Our ads are an affordable solution in OOH and offer a dramatic reduction in CPM compared to other forms of advertising

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Customized Dashboards

SideSkirt Ads combines GPS data with government traffic reports and independent case studies/research to deliver impression metrics on a monthly basis.  Prior to the campaign, we work with you to identify goals, target areas, and demographics.

Dashboards are updated monthly so performance is measurable and consistent to ensure goals are being met.

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Our Work

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